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Environ Revival Masque

Environ Revival Masque

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Revival Masque is formulated with a revolutionary combination of three powerful ingredients that may assist in enhancing the skins overall look and feel as well as resilience. This dynamic masque leaves the skin feeling smoother and looking younger with a healthy radiance.


  • Lactic Acid
  • Asiatic Acid
  • D1-Mandelic Acid


  • Revival Masque may be added to your daily routine when the signs of ageing, laxity and sun damage have become visible.
  • Improved softness and smoothness, as well as firmness leave the skin looking healthier and more resiliently youthful.

Please note Mandelic Acid is naturally found in bitter almonds. Environ uses synthetically manufactured Mandelic Acid, which is not sourced directly from bitter Almonds. Therefore, there is no risk if the user is allergic to nuts. Direct exposure to the proteins in nuts is required for an allergic reaction to occur.

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